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Commercial Advertising Photographer

Creativity is the fundamental key to any successful photography company. Commercially it is very important for a client to choose a photographer based not only on their obvious technical ability but most importantly, on their style of work. This has been the main driving force behind all successful photographers and one that is just as important today as it ever was with the age of digital technology. True creativity still exists in the capture and control of light with your subject, mixed with a strong creative vision of the world.

“Over the years we've worked with many photographers. Recently we asked Wellman Photography to extensively photograph several of our new exhibits for use in Press Announcements, Magazines and for our new advertising campaign. The results impressed our directors and we've now worked exclusively with Wellman Photography on a further seven projects.”

- Louise Coetzee Msc, Principal Museum Scientist, National Museum
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Photography for Advertising

- Recommended industry Advertising Photographer to images improve brand awareness, creating an impact within the marketplace, perfect for high-end advertising campaigns - Specialist Commercial Photography - Hire a Professional Advertising Photographer, commission a photo shoot for new product and services for your latest promotions or marketing material - Creative and professional product photography for websites and brochures - Professional photo shoot to capture high-res images for large billboard adverts, maximum resolution photography with exceptional detail, for use in glossy magazines - Company photos, shop front and interior including the design, making or production process - Quality, eye-catching product photos to capture your customer’s attention and attract new business - Bespoke, catalogue photography - Education photos for School, University and College prospectuses – Complete, White Room Studio with various backgrounds for producing - Editorial, Stock Photography, Rights Managed and Copyright Free Works - Lifestyle and formal photos for promotional material, Business Cards, Leaflets, Pamphlets, Banners, Vehicle Livery, Brochures, Catalogues and Posters used in many industry’s including: Restaurants, Food and Catering, Menus, and Hotels and Retreats, Military, Armed Forces, Navy and the RAF, Sports Manufactures and Activity Centres, Golf Clubs, People, Fashion, NHS, Medicine, Healthcare, Car Mechanics, Museums, Furniture Stores and more -

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